Carl’s Cannabis Corner – August 3, 2014

My guests today are: Jake Porter, Libertarian candidate for Iowa Secretary of State; Quinn Symonds, activist in Mason City, IA; and Logan Edwards, Iraq War Veteran moving from Iowa to Colorado.
July 12, 2014: Read Jake Porter’s comments to WHO TV on the Benton Mackenzie case.
July 27, 2014: Read Logan Edward’s comments to the Associated Press on his exodus from Iowa.

August 9, 2014: Iowa NORML Women’s Alliance is having their 1st Annual Picnic.

2 thoughts on “Carl’s Cannabis Corner – August 3, 2014

  1. I wish I could move to Colorado To get relief from my constant pain and get off the addicting narcotics they have me addicted to here in Iowa before they end up being the cause of my death.

  2. I, like Logan, have given up all hope on the Iowa system of obtaining medical marijuana. I have watched state after state let Crohn’s patients smoke weed and Iowa is still dragging their feet. We are 18 years behind CA and I’m not having another bowel surgery, because my state reps aren’t too fast to figure out the truth. I’m moving to Colorado in July 2015. Just waiting for my lease to run out and off to freedom and good health.

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