Carl’s Cannabis Corner – February 23, 2014

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Iowa District Court Judge Scott Rosenberg ruled last week that the Iowa Board of Pharmacy has reversed its 2010 decision to recommend the reclassification of marijuana because they no longer believe it is medicine, despite the fact the state attorney representing the board at trial last month said the board still thinks marijuana is medicine. We obviously have a judge that wasn’t paying any attention to anything the attorneys were saying. Carl Olsen v. Iowa Board of Pharmacy, No. CVCV45505, February 18, 2014, Judgment Against Carl Olsen. My attorney thinks we should file a new petition with the board and start over from scratch.

After 4 years of arguing with Senator Bolkcom, the reclassification bill the Iowa Board of Pharmacy recommended in 2010 was finally filed last week. 2014 SF2214 Introduced

And, also after 4 years of arguing with Senator Bolkcom, the medical cannabis program the Iowa Board of Pharmacy recommended in 2010 was finally filed last week. 2014 SF2215 Introduced

I attended a legislative forum yesterday and asked my senator about Senator Bolkcom’s accusation that Republicans refused to sign on to the bills. My senator said he was not allowed to see the bills until it was too late to study them and that Senator Bolkcom is just playing politics with the issue. I said that I tried to tell Senator Bolkcom that for the past 4 years and that Senator Bolkcom kept telling me that the exact language of the bills was unimportant. I have been arguing about this with Senator Bolkcom for 4 years and he just won’t listen to me. So, when Republicans tell me they have not had a chance to the see the language, I knew that was coming. Sometimes friends can be worst enemies.

Mothers for medical marijuana were at the legislative forum yesterday, and shared the information below with those attending the meeting.



Epilepsy Foundation Calls for Increased Medical Marijuana Access and Research